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Brewed by Zagreb-based Motive Beer Co, the taste of Mechanics of Illusion takes you to the places that sleep deprivation can only dream about.

I can't recall having had a Modern West Coast IPA before. I don't think I have ever actually been to a West Coast either. But needless to say, this brew was inspiring.

With an intriguing after-taste, this 5.5% Croat sweetened an already glass-half-full evening. 

This beer has a wreckless attitude to it, with a combination of body and sessional taste which suite the IPA lover in me right down to the ground.

At times, there can be a wariness of life's uncertainty. It leads to questions like: is there life after the inevitable? Are we capable of more than what has already been achieved by human kind? 

But after a few sips of this glorious, fruity tipple, my thoughts were hopped and I started pondering a little more lofty. 

In a hypothetical universe in which Robots furrowed lives comparable to ours, like the 2005 animation comedy film Robots, would Robots brew beer? How would they know what taste was best-suited for their palates? Would they drink their own beer, and try their own supply? And, like an old phone, would their processing speed get slower after too many drinks?

Though fears exist over technological development overwhelming society into a downwards spiral of competitiveness for cash over common health and wellbeing, this brew brought me to think more positively; with the unknown being somewhat more knowable. 

Perhaps with this beer, there was some comfort in the certainty that it could and would end. 

In the end, in my mind, body and soul, this beer was recognised and accepted; and for a brewer that’s all you can ask for. Or, a gazillion dollars.

That's all for now. If you come across this stellar West Coast IPA, don't think twice. Have it.