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To be clear as day, 

When it was clear as day.

Nothing was more hazy.

Than Blurry Vision Hazy IPA.  

Brewed and slewed in Berlin, the style of the can looks as neon and nepotistic as the end of most hazy nights in the underbelly of the German city. 

This beer has character. Real character. It is bold and striking, like a well-timed custard pie to the face.

Brewed without simplicity, the look of the can is the most accurate take on what a beer tastes like that I have seen (to date). It is complex and inviting, like a maze whereby the hedges are made of nacho chips and every turn offers a new, speciality hummus dip.

This New England IPA provides a floral and sweet taste, not far from the glamour of fruit topped with honey.

As I have said previously, you just can't argue with it. If you buy this, you haven't bought a lemon. It has return on investment, and the pursed lingering taste will leave a unregulated memory in kind; as a gesture of good will.

That's all for now.

Give Blurry Vision Hazy IPA a search online and see what you think. But I must warn you. If you become enamoured by the design, don't be surprised if you subsequently book a one-way flight to Berlin and lose yourself.