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Turning  once  again  to  the  question  of  elevation  I  would  observe  that  there  has  never  been  a period  in  all  these  long centuries  of  which  we  boast,  when  an  absolute  guarantee  against elevation  could  have  been  given  to  our  people.

To say that this evolution of Elevation Pale Ale is drinkable, is such an understatement I would be doing a discredit to the noting of understatements entirely. The flavours of pineapple and grapefruit showboat among the hops, with such fruitiness, you just can't argue with it.

Sometimes when you have a midweek beer, they allow for open doors. Sliding doors, which when open provide a freshness to an evening which can be quite hard to argue against keeping open. 

With this beer, I felt so happy with the taste that I could have quite happily stopped at one. If I did, or did not, I will leave to the imagination. I wish I had a garden. The beer in question, made with essences of grapefruit, would have been perfect to sip at the end of a sticky day, when the temperature had began to feel a chill, and the day was done.

Wicklowwolf Brewing Company have come to be a best-in-class brewer, growing in size and variety since their foundation in 2014. It is fraught to overlook this brewery for their dedication to their craft. It is foolish to look over their product, for that would be daft. It is a tipple brewed in an Irish county, where transport routes are limited to the Irish M11 or if need be by raft.

That's all for now.

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