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It's almost August? JULYING. The end of month hails as an important regular occurrence in the calendar. The beers you have been saving are left looking at you in the fridge. Like the deep waters of an after party. This post called for a chilled can of Camerons Black Coral, a smooth stout which cannot be quarrelled with.

This chocolate-scented stout offers a fairly complex taste. It peacocks a bold noir appearance, and drops-off an aftertaste of wispy hints of coffee. 

I imagine this stout would be nicely paired with a celebrity, like James May. Complex and sessional. A fine liquid narration to a pleasant evening. No disagreements, no dramas, just consistent sweet, bittery darkness making for a fine companion to any lucid evening activity.

If there was ever a beer made for a Sunday evening, this was it. I can imagine this tipple as a strong feature of a stout tasting board.

This is not the first brew I've tried from Camerons, whose high quality beers and wide reaching brand exposure has given the brewery the reputation it deserves.

That's all for now. Get yourself a chilled can or draught pint of Black Coral and let us know your thoughts on instagram.