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As a sense of freedom arced its way back into British society, I visited Rum Kitchen in Soho and tried one tipple from my must-have list - Red Stripe.

Firstly, the restaurant. Rum Kitchen has everything you would want for dinner, drinks and a bit of liveliness. The Soho venue had their own DJ, which was a real touch. So I do recommend. 

Secondly, and indeed more importantly, the beer hit the spot. 

Red Stripe is an iconic beer that you have to try at least once, even if lagers aren't your thing. 

Agreeable and justified flavours; check. Proper and balanced body; check. An easy drinker with an easy drink; check. For a mainstream lager in a sea of beers measured by the standards of mass market, the flavour of this acclaimed Jamaican Beer tells the story of why it has stood strong since 1928. 

Red Stripe, now owned by Heineken, offers a bronze, golden colour with an aroma which is lagery, bready and mildly sweet. The taste works well with any setting, bar, bbq or watching the Reggae Boyz.

Like any good lager, it makes you want to ask questions. Questions like, 'I know we are in a restaurant, and the menu states you only have single bottles, but do you sell crates’.

That's all for now.