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During a weekend of souring temperatures and clinking glasses, we visited Bath for a few days of culture and cocktails. During our visit we ate at The Stable, a chain of restaurants which have gained real popularity in the West of the Britain. 

Before, during and after dinner, I enjoyed a fresh pint of Stable Pale Ale, a crisp beer which evokes reactions better than most acting in alcohol adverts. We paired this with a couple of pizzas. I recommend Mushroom Magic or Feta Late Than Never. 10/10 for the names.

A little about Stable

Stable came about after some fortuity, toil and teamwork. In the market town of Bridport, Dorset, some bright spark had the sentient idea to adopt an old beat-down stable which was hidden shyly just off the rural town's High Street. It had... something. Something plucky. Something spirited. Something that could be more. After some work and local fortitude, the venue became the perfect location to open a cider bar.


Wait! Wait! I know what you're thinking. Yes. Cider is not ale, and I am well aware of Alement's one and only mission statement - a new era in beer content. 

But we are inclusive people. The war between cider and beer advocates is long past us, and Government regulations on weekly unitary alcohol intake would not permit a revival of the 1865 'Olde Drink Off'; which as we all know ended in a sensible draw, after the fourth day, with a truce unanimously signed between factions of the cider and beer communities. Though the legibility of the signatories was, let's say, squiggly at best.

Anyway, Stable sounded the alarm for local cider makers, and before they knew it, a community of brewers both weird and wonderful were formed. The Stable was born. Over time, to steady the bellies and leave publicans somewhat level-headed, a pizza oven was introduced. A decade on, the cider x pizza endeavour has helped The Stable spread near and far; though keeping the core West Country roots at the heart of the business.

Back to the beer. I do tangent, don't I.

I would thoroughly recommend this Pale Ale. At 4% ABV it's sessional enough to take you through whatever social activity you may be confronted with. With hoppy boldness, this beer works well with Stable's range of doughy pizzas and seasoned sides. 

During the COVID pandemic, I found meals to be heavily social. The enjoyment of sitting down with some dinner and chatting can be undervalued, but regular moments of casual, organised, shared enjoyment are what can make life worth living. Beer does just that also. I would hope if you do enter a Stable for a piece of pie, you may also like to try a swig of the old wallop juice.

That's all for now.