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It’s got some punch to it.

Two Chefs Brewing are a Dutch brewing company which started their thing in 2012. I first tried their beer in 2015. In the past 10 years they have really diversified what they are doing and have a solid core option and a range of specials.

It should be no surprise that the land where coffee shops serve more than coffee would make a beer with a bit more punch. With hints of mango, pine and other citric flavourings, the 6%-proof can has a very hoppy taste which frankly swam buoyantly through my beer-passage.

I can't stress the uniqueness of the tangy citric taste. It literally invoked the need to pause for thought and consider past life choices, such as - why did I not drink this sooner, how do I get another, and have I eaten enough fruit today?

A message of sense

Be fair to yourself. Pause for thought from time to time. Live's fermentation process can bring more solace than the pleasure of the moments. This is one thing that the past year has showed me. Watch it. Drink it in, the good, bad and indifferent. 

That's all for now.

Give Two Chefs Brewing a go, no matter what side of Doggerland you are.


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